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Roof Vacuuming and Bin Services in Barrie and Surrounding Areas

Vacaroof Inc is dedicated to fast, high-quality vacuuming services. We strive to provide the most convenient, mess-free gravel removal in the business with reliable bin services throughout Barrie and surrounding areas. We can bring you a less time-consuming roof cleaning. Experience our friendly and hassle-free service with your roofing projects when you trust Vacaroof Inc. Contact us to schedule your roof’s cleaning.


What Do We Do

At Vacaroof Inc, we provide an extensive range of roof cleaning services that include:

Gravel removal: Your roofs are covered with a ballast bed to ensure protection from excessive heat, harmful UV rays and other external factors. While reroofing, it's essential to remove the gravel to keep the roofing layers consistent. We offer thorough vacuuming solutions to ensure that your roofs are clean and ready for repair.
Bin services: Any renovations or construction projects will leave debris behind, especially when small and large-sized grit is involved. We offer bins at your sites to keep the surroundings free from the rubble. Our team ensures that you save time and money and do not have to look for another debris removal service provider.

Sky High Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc. OUR PARTNER for Reliable Roofing 

While Vacaroof Inc provides roof vacuuming and bin services, our sister company offers high-quality roofing solutions, including inspections, installations and repairs. Sky High Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc. serves commercial and industrial building owners. Reach out for dependable roofing solutions now!


Our professionals provide detailed cleaning and debris removal services.

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